1. Gemological examination and certification of articles made of noble metals and precious stones.
The specialists of our organization establish the origin (producer) of the pieces of jewelry; identify the fineness of the metal or establish the equivalence of the hallmark on the piece of jewelry; identify the precious stone or stones,jeweled in the articles, and their features (mass, color, purity, cut, symmetry, proportion, quality of stone dressing, etc.); they document all the before-mentioned corresponding to the law applying the form adopted in accordance to the internal regulations.

2. Chemical and X-ray fluorescent analysis of alloys and other material – rocks, ores, minerals- in the laboratory accredited by Georgian State Standard (under the Agreement with the GTU).
Identification of the characteristic and quantitative features of any metallic, stone, solid and powder material (ferrous metal and non-ferrous alloys, ores) content.

3. Auditing service of bank collateral loans:
On demandof banks, micro-financial organizations and private pawnshopsto auditthe pledged assets for security of credits issued by them.