The commission shop is served by highly skilled staff (commodity expert, shop assistant, cashier-salesperson).
  In the commission shop one can leave his/her own article for selling (she/he will be paid up after selling the article). In case of taking back the article she/he will not pay fee for service.

In the commission shop one can purchase :
1. Jewelry;(View image);
2. Collection of naturally faceted color stones, collection samples of natural minerals;(View image);
3. Antiques – bronze figures, china, chandeliers and pictures; (View image);
4. Gemological tools making the appropriate order:(View image);
• Various high precision scales;
• Specific gravity determining devices;
• Diamond measuring mechanical and electric devices ;
• Diamond and color stones testers;
• Device for defining refractive index of precious and semiprecious stones (refractometer);
• Magnifying glasses, pincer, special lighting, cells;
• Models of diamond colors, paper “table”;
• Accessories for exhibition and packing of precious pieces of jewelry and color stones;
• Testers for defining hallmark of noble metals;

According to the order it is possible to supply other tools and devices for gemological testing and working on noble metals.
On request it is possible to carry out training for acquiring the necessarycapabilities and habits to use gemological tools and devices.