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From February 01, 2020 it will increase the price of the production produced by LLC SINJEBI: 1 ml of gold testing reagents 375, 500, 585, 750, 900, 958 and silver testing reagent 1.50 GEL and gold testing reagent 583 - 5 GEL; Glass vessel for jewelry alloy testing reagents - 7.20 GEL; Wooden stage for jewelry alloy testing reagents - 7.20 GEL; Stones for jewelry alloy testing (5X8 cm) - 18 GEL; Stones for jewelry alloy testing (6X10 cm) - 24 GEL; Stones for jewelry alloy testing (8X11 cm) - 30GEL.

In connection with the new regulations of the National Bank of Georgia “On the Registration of a Credit Institution”, LLC “ORBI 777” had to separate credit services from other types of activities. The staff of LLC “Orbi 777” established a new organization LLC “Sinjebi”. LLC “Sinjebi” will provide all other services to its customers and partners that were provided by LLC “ORBI 777” except for credit services.

The team of "Sinjebi" is staffed by the same highly qualified personnel who performed the same duties within the framework of LLC "Orbi 777". LLC “Sinjebi” will be engaged in commission trade, examination and certification of products made of precious metals and precious stones; the provision of audit and auditing services for lombard banking activities. Together with the Technical University of Georgia, “Sinjebi” will prepare appraisers for lombard-credit services; will produce test reagents and other auxiliary means; trade in gemological and expert equipment.

Sulkhan Gvelesiani - Director of LLC “Orbi 777”.
Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Associate Professor of GTU, with experience of more than 20 years as an expert.

1. Mineralogical Society of Georgia
2. Georgian Technical University
3. JSC “TBC Bank”
4. LLC “ORBI 777”
5. JSC “Liberty Bank”
6. JSC “VTB Bank Georgia”